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Here at Asbo Exhuasts we ensure our exhausts are of high quality motorcycle products manufactured to the best standards from the finest materials. We have a wealth of experience in building special exhaust systems for road, custom and race use and we work to the finest tolerances, with experience in the Aviation industry as well as producing Original Equipment for the likes of Norton Motors and Bentley Cars.


All systems are built as one-offs, and designed to suit the customers requirements and specifications, whilst maintaining correct gas flow and back pressure characteristics to allow your motorcycle to run correctly, giving a deep and pleasing exhaust sound, which will keep you on the right side of the law, unless otherwise specified!


All silencers are manufactured using 100% stainless steel internals and are available in round, tri-oval, single or twin outlet, with Stainless Steel,  Carbon, Titanium, Coloured Titanium or Aluminium sleeves. They are fitted with a removable DB Killer and can be supplied with the relevant BS Markings.


We also supply superior quality silencers and link pipes for most Sports Bikes and Tourers, check out the quality of our products before you commit yourself to that 'bargain' on eBay.


Special systems include the Triumph Speed Triple and Daytona 966i range, as well as Norton Rotary Ejector Systems as used on the JPS Norton Race Bikes.

For further details please email us with your requirements or telephone Geoff on 07930306009.

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Tel: 07930306009


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