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Are our exhausts repairable?

Yes, our cans are repairable to a certain extent.


Can I resuse my exhaust?

Depending on the make and model of your other motorcycle this could be possible. If not, a new link pipe can be made to suit.


Are our exhausts 'One-offs'?

Our exhausts are usually all one off makes as every every rider has a different preference in shape and design of link pipe but we can make a totally custom exhaust to your desired look.


How long is our guarentee?

We offer a lifetime guarentee with the exhausts


Is it true that aftermarket exhausts can cause 'flat spots' ie fuelling problems once fitted, will I have to remap or rejet my motorcycle?


This is not true. Unelss you are adding serious power modifications to the bike, remapping or rejetting is not necessary for an aftermarket exhaust.


My bike is not listed in the image gallery?

If your bike is not listed in the gallery  - don't panic. This could mean your bike model could be a first for us which is always exciting. If you have already had an ASBO Exhaust and would like your pictures to be added, please email them to


Are they legal?

This is a common question. Yes our exhausts are legal and well within the noise limit although this could be alterred if you remove the baffles (DB Killers) from your exhaust. This could take you out of the Legal Mark and you could potentially get into trouble.


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